In 2015, BodyEase Soothing Arnica Cream was formulated from the Amazing Pain-Less cream. BodyEase is an animal safe product. The squalane in BodyEase is olive-derived not animal-sourced.

As an added benefit, BodyEase has more arnica and squalane than in Amazing Pain-Less. For a light and cooling sensation, menthol, camphor and methyl salicylate (wintergreen oil) have been added as well. With BodyEase, we are hoping to provide comfort and relief to even more people across the U.S. and beyond!

History of Amazing Pain-Less

In 1957 Dr. John Fletcher Prudden, a New York surgeon, came across critical new medical research undertaken by several of his colleagues at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. They were studying the effectiveness of Bovine Tracheal Cartilage in healing massive surgical wounds, and they found that this material speeds healing by 55 percent. Despite the amazing results, they were about to abandon their research because the federal funding expired. Thus they offered the drug/material to John Prudden, and he accepted.

After changing the name of the Bovine Cartilage material to “Catrix,” Dr. Prudden spent the next forty years (1958-1998) conducting FDA-approved research on the healing properties of Catrix, which had the unique combined abilities to simultaneously act as a very effective anti-inflammatory and immunological stimulant. This was something which no previous medication had ever achieved. Furthermore there were virtually no side effects.

In 1976, Whitney Ulrich, introduced John to Jerome and Mike Rosow in the hope that they might help him better market Catrix. Whitney had experienced amazing results using Catrix to treat her previously agonizing osteoarthritis. After several months of treatment, her symptoms disappeared. At that time John was testing Catrix in various forms, including capsules, cream, suppositories, and injectable for a wide variety of medical conditions which included Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Scleroderma, Shingles, and others with great success. He also briefly tested Shark Cartilage and found similar results. Sadly, John Prudden passed away in 1998.

Mike Rosow personally began taking Catrix capsules and applying cream or suppositories daily for chronic backaches beginning in 1976. He switched to Shark Cartilage capsules in 1994 due to wider availability and lower cost. In 1989, he began to refine Catrix cream and then in 1996 started creating his own improved Amazing Pain-Less cream, combining Shark Cartilage with Aloe, Arnica Montana, Chamomile, and natural healing elements. The result is truly amazing.

Amazing Pain-Less was first sold in Mike and Joan’s store, Purple Sage, in Santa Fe in July 2001 and shortly thereafter in Fairway Markets in New York City. Mike and Joan continued to expand the sales of Amazing Pain-less for the next 14 years. It is currently sold in independent pharmacies across the U.S. as well as independent grocery and retail stores. For Mike and Joan, it has been very rewarding to hear how Amazing Pain-Less helps to relieve pain and promote healing.

Mary Elliott of Santa Fe purchased Amazing Pain-Less from Mike and Joan at the end of 2014. Mary wants to continue helping people find relief with Amazing Pain-Less and continue spreading the product throughout the U.S. and beyond!

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